Nov 9, 2018

Frank Da Clamp! Be patient Knicks fans, Frank is a structured PG and the current team is not structured that's What Fitz's is implementing.




Thanks Perry 4 staying with the Talent acquisition phase this year. For completion go get Boogie & Tobias Harris, or Boogie & Klay Thompson. This is only sowing time. Be patient Knicks fans, one phase at a time.

20 hours ago

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  • The 2019-20 Knicks season success depends on Frank and Coach Fit'z working in unison. And what I saw after Frank's two pre-FIBA Tournament games is an indicator for future success. Frank played a superb role as a playmaker on a fundamentally sound basketball team. His role even though limited minutes wise was illuminating. He got the ball to the scorers as early as possible. He ran screen and roll, attack screens hard and drive and dish to scorers. He pressured and disrupted the opposing team point guard from initiating their offense. He did not score many points because on the team he is a facilitator and not a primary or secondary scorer. Though he can score when needed to. In summary, when Frank is surrounded with talented players, and a coach who trust his capabilities, he is the perfect facilitator to run team basketball to perfection. Is Fit'z the coach to implement a system to reflect team ball. He has the players this season. Is he going to give Frank the keys and let him run the team like he did with Mudiah. If not then his coaching abilities will be questioned. This year Coach you are on the clock. Use what you got to get what you want wisely. A 35-42 wins season will definitely warrantee great coaching. Your success, the team and Frank's are all tied in as one. Let's Go Knicks!
  • Mark is the type of coach that will hold people accountable. The players will play defense or they won’t play. He will bring instant credibility with the free agent’s around the league. The summer of 2019 will be when one of his former player will be a free agent in Klay Thompson. Hey knick’s fan we’ll be back
  • The Knicks will look to rebound during the second game of a back to back versus the Washington Wizards after losing to the San Antonio Spurs and falling below .500. Can the Knicks rebound?
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