Feb 1

A Great Marriage Cant Work Without Trust: The Knicks KP Story


Edited: Feb 1

When it comes down to it the lack of trust doomed the Knicks and Kristaps Porzingis longterm. I can see how both sides had reason to be distrustful.


Heres how KP sees it:


The Knicks want him to sit the year and on faith they will “do good by him”. KP wants nothing less than a max deal. Knicks won't verbalize that they will offer him a true max deal this summer in public. If he sits the year no other team will offer him a max as a restricted. Theoretically if the Knicks wanted to be sly they can force him to shop himself and only match an offer. If he doesn't play teams would be scared off to commit longterm. So if the Knicks come back to cut his offer by some they essentially could strong arm him into a less than true max deal. If the Knicks intend to offer him the max why wont they say so? KP wasn’t going to give the Knicks that power. When it comes down to it trust doomed the Knicks and Kristaps Porzingis longterm. Trust was destroyed before last summer and he seen it first hand with Carmelo. They marched Carmelo out the front like he was a selfish villain. He was soooo selfish they said. When Carmelo was promised a trio he never got he didn't complain. He marched out and played as hard as he could. When the unfit coach and GM came in they allowed him to be slandered unabated. Porzingis mentor was Carmelo. Did you not think Carmelo would give him the superstar talk and what to look out for. He saw shaky signs and when the Knicks said are you 100% in or out....He said 100% out.



How The Knicks See It:


Knicks see it as you need to trust us we are going to assemble a team. This losing is what’s best FOR THE TEAM. Free agents will come eventually. This immediate pain of losing will bring dividends if you just trust us and sit the year we are better off. Sitting gives us the best lottery odds. We have have good indications big names are interested. If you keep everything low key these young assets can me manipulated to bring 2 other major pieces. You have to trust we are going to get these guys and take care of your contract right after.




If you don’t trust each other things wont work out even if both parties are good for each other.


Nice work Fritz! I posted this in my YouTube community so people can come check it out!

Dope Read..

“Trust Takes Years To Build And Seconds To Destroy”..

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